Behind the Scenes of Batman: Puppet Master

Thanks for watching our fan film, Batman: Puppet Master. We have received a ton of great questions about the making of the film, so we decided to make a commentary video, featuring director Bryan Nest, to give you a look behind the scenes of the movie. Enjoy!

Interview with Director Bryan Nest

Bryan Nest sat down with Know The Artist to discuss the making of Batman: Puppet Master, the film's failed Kickstarter campaign, and tease some possibilities for what's coming next. He also talks about his own philosophy as a director.

Basically, I have a philosophy as a director, and I feel like this sets our movie apart from all the fan films: the performance is the most important thing after the story. Story is number one; performance is number two. I’ve done quite a few films now, and I almost never cast based on appearance.

Read the full interview over at Know The Artist.

Bryan Nest with actors from the Batman: Puppet Master animatic

Batman: Puppet Master Cast & Crew Featured on Podcast

Wil Daniels (Nigma) and Mike Connolly (Batman) along with director Bryan Nest, writer Chris Wiltz, and producer Ethan Cushing sat down with the guys on the podcast to talk about the making of Batman: Puppet Master, comics, the Justice League, Superman, and why Bryan Nest is going to hell. 

Listen below!

Batman: Puppet Master - Listen to the Soundtrack

A big part of creating a film set in the Nolan Dark Knight universe is having the right tone and quality of music. If the music is too familiar it feels like a copy, but if it's too distinct the film feels like it takes place in it's own world. The composer had a difficult tightrope to walk - create something unique, but also that felt comfortable within the Dark Knight universe.

We were lucky enough to meet a super talented musician named Jerel Northern to do the score for Batman: Puppet Master. He put in a lot of hard work and we have to say he absolutely nailed it! And he's been good enough to put the entire score online for all of you.

Check out one of the tracks below. You can listen to the whole score on Jerel's Youtube page!

Behind the Scenes Featurette

Check out a behind-the-scenes look at the making of Batman: Puppet  Master, including a live action animatic (visual storyboard) that was used in the pre-production of the film.